– 6 Week Gut Health Transformation –

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Ready For A New Year Reset?

Whether you have migraines, insomnia, psoriasis or any other health issues – healing the gut is the first place to go!
When you address the gut, through healing foods, you're supporting your body to heal itself.

– Look and Feel Amazing –

 with an easy to follow gut health transformation


Transform Your Life With Delicious Healing Foods!

Gut health is where it all begins...

80% of your immune cells are located in your gut, your body's first line of defense against toxins and disease. 

Your gut is the gateway to absorbing all life-sustaining  nutrients.


Benefits of a Healthy Gut

  • Optimal Weight and Metabolism
  • Sustained Energy Levels
  • Greater Joy and Happiness 
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Libido
  • Bullet-proof Immunity
  • Digestive Bliss


Do you struggle with any of the following?

Brain Fog





Un-Budging Weight

Hormonal Imbalances


Autoimmune Conditions

 If you experience any one of these common symptoms, then this program is perfect for you!


Shannon Robbins

Small Business Owner & Mom of 3

"I loved the gut healing group, it really helped keep me accountable and I love the meal plan, shopping lists and recipes. I've experienced many positive benefits after the 6 weeks including clearer mind, less joint pain, less migraines and even weight loss. I took a week off and have had so many side effects. SO Back to it for me, I love the way I feel being on Kelly’s gut healing protocol!"


The habits you learn in this program will stick for life!

Kelly has developed hundreds of delicious, healing foods recipes in response to helping her husband heal from a life threatening disease – deemed incurable by medical doctors.  She was able to do this while working full time as a school teacher and mom of a three year old.

Learn Kelly's Secrets!

  • Tasty, Nourishing, & Inspiring Recipes
  • Time Saving Hacks and Tricks for Busy Moms 
  • Shopping Lists, How To Videos & Support Along The Way
  • Diverse Meal Plans – Complete with Snacks, Beverages and Desserts – That The Whole Family Will Love.
  • Skills and The Wisdom To Activate Your Body's Own Amazing Healing Potential!
  • A Long Lasting Healthy Lifestyle Through Delicious Foods As Your Best Medicine


Healing With Food –The Easy and Delicious Way!

Changing your diet can be very overwhelming...but not here!

In this program, we've taken out the guess work and walk you through an easy and tasty, step by step journey to vital health – inside and out – through Kelly's unique gut transformation process!

  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Live "Prep-Day" tutorials at the beginning of each week
  • All the recipes with how to videos for the entire 6 weeks
  • Group Forum for daily Q & A and support

 Dabney Alex

Entrepreneur and Mom of a Very Busy Toddler 

"I’m expanding my ability to throw together healthy meals on the fly- which means really embodying the principles and creating new habits. Thank you Kelly for all that you have inspired, guided and provided. You are truly an encyclopedia of knowledge and a wellspring of JOY!

Your Trusty Guide

Kelly Dearie

You are invited to embark on a gut-healing journey with your inspiring, caring, and supportive Gut-Health Coach, Kelly Dearie.

If you are ready to have more energy, peace of mind, and mental clarity, then this program is for you!

With Kelly's loving support, videos, coaching tools, and customized gut-healing meal plans, you will embark on an amazing culinary adventure with Kelly while learning the skills to transform your symptoms and gain the freedom of total health and vitality.

- 6 Week Gut Health Transformation -Here's What's Included

Support, Coaching, Community, How To's and Resources. It's Time To Be Your Most Healthy Vibrant Self!

Personalized Support Consultation

Prior to the group journey, Kelly will review your special dietary, health and lifestyle needs to help guide your gut healing journey in a way that feels simple and doable for your lifestyle

Private Support Group Access

Daily Motivation, Resources and Q&A w/Kelly. Get your questions answered, stay engaged and inspired with your gut health transformation peers and Kelly. Share your wins and be inspired by others.

Weekly How To Videos

Educational and Inspirational Videos created just for this program! Tutorials and recipes delivered sequentially to your inbox as you progress through the DIY gut-healing skills

Daily Meal Plans, Grocery Lists and Recipes.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks.  All deeply nourishing, delicious and of course healthy! Kelly's original recipes – tested, tried and true –the whole family will love them:)

Weekly Live Interactive Prep Videos

Together we will prepare the meals for the week. These prep days will be on video and available to watch at your leisure or you can join live – ask questions and feel supported as you prepare your food for the week

6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

These virtual sessions will explore our challenges and celebrate success. We will keep each other motivated and offer support as we shore up skills and cultivate a steadfast – unstoppable mindset.  

Daily Meditations and Visualizations

Weekly meditations and motivational audio-files to help you breakthrough old patterns and habits and create a more ease full transition into your new healthy eating lifestyle.

1 Month Free Membership Trial

Healthy Gut, Healthy You" Membership Program. Want even more recipes and resources? You'll have access to an exclusive members area where you can meet and learn from others on the food as medicine journey. It's like a club for your gut:)

"...Really quickly, within 5 days, I could see that my metabolism was changing. My appetite could be satisfied with these nutrient dense foods and I wouldn't need to eat as often. I would have this pain of hunger that I usually get between lunch and noon... and my kids were on board with it and we were loving all the new recipes we were trying."

Suezanne Sites, Mom of Two and Working Part-Time

Are you ready to heal your gut?

This is one of the most rewarding investments you will ever make in your entire lifetime! Heal your gut now so you can live your legacy. Absorb all the nutrients your body needs to thrive and prosper! STOP WAISTING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON ORGANIC FOOD NUTRIENTS THAT ARE BEING FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET!


6 Week

Gut Health




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6 Week

Gut Health



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One -on-One with Kelly


Personalized Health Abundance Plan

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60-90 minute empowerment hike with Kelly (or a phone call for non-locals)

Detailed Intake and Review

Personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations plus recipes based on your unique circumstances


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If you want to experience the freedom, joy and happiness that comes with good-gut-health then join Kelly on this amazing journey!

The National Institutes of Health estimates that 7 out of 10 of the top deadly diseases in the US are preventable by changes in diet and lifestyle!

Make these simple changes with Kelly's support so that you can become so healthy, that you potentially AVOID WASTING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON MEDICAL BILLS AND TIME SPENT IN DOCTORS OFFICES!


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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